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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 

Who is Lilia Damasco?

A request came from magdalo1973@yahoo.com to post this article:

Pls create a special topic for this:

Comments posted in AMA's defense may have come from
among the AMA IT personnel, AMA executives, lilia
damasco and her audit team or the media practitioners
under AMA payroll.

Let's be honest, in 2 years or less, AMA will be
managed by some banks. AMA could have saved its
operations only if the mngt had been HUMANE!! ARA may
have been a better entrepreneur if he hadn't listened
and maintain the services of greedy officers behind
him. He should have terminated the services of Lilia
Damasco. They say Patrick Asansa is the meanest person
in AMA, my friends and I disagree. It's LGD.

See what's happening to AMA Bahrain, it's operating
successfully. Why? It's because there's no Audit staff
assigned in that country.

ARA may still save his business if he primarily thinks
about the welfare of the people - ON AND OFF CAMERA!

i knw u n i agree wid u... Sa whul AMA itong departmt lng ni Lilia ang kumplete...hanep, my friend!!! Tipid daw pero ung mga dating less dan 500 stuudents n branches datii Internal Audtr lng ngaybn Suppvr lahat... NAG IISANG DEPT NA SUVSR ANG LOWESTS RANK....

Pat Azanza Sucks!

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