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Tuesday, February 15, 2005 

Who is “Dirty Harry” or the “Executioner”?

source: http://www.geocities.com/amapampanga/harry.htm

The following message was sent to AMA PAMPANGA Web Site

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 19:38:34

Who is “Dirty Harry” or the “Executioner”?

Hi, AMA PAMPANGA! I’m e-mailing to you some information about some irregularities done by AMA officials to some diligent, trustworthy and hardworking faculty and staff. These irregularities occur without the knowledge of Dr. Aguiluz, who, in good faith, trusts these people so much, without knowing he already is rearing MONSTERS in his courtyard. Please don't identify me. These AMA officials often jump to conclusions. They “execute” innocent people even if they have no basis for such drastic action. They mercilessly hang them to death. ANYONE whom they suspect to be involved in the dissemination of any information that could put them on probe would be jeopardized.

Take the case of a certain student who graduated recently. The fresh graduate applied at AMA-Pampanga, hoping to be given priority over graduates from other schools who also applied for a teaching position. You know what happened? The HR personnel, ANA MENDOZA, just insulted their very own pioneer graduate by asking several questions sarcastically. According to my source, Ana Mendoza chided the applicant by asking these questions: “Di ka man yata interesado e? Napipilitan ka lang, di ba? Palibhasa di pa tumatawag sa iyo yung ibang kumpanyang in-apply-an mo, kaya ka nag-a-apply dito? Sorry, sa July 2 (2003) pa ang hiring namin…”

As expected, Ana Mendoza did not contact the applicant again. Suddenly, AMA-Pampanga hired someone else and told him to teach subjects he did not even know. He never used Macromedia Flash before and was not even among the top in his class when he graduated. The AMA graduate I am referring to, on the other hand, was among the top of the class and would be fit to teach programming and web development subjects, including Macromedia Flash. Most importantly, she is from the very branch where she is applying to teach – AMA-Pampanga. Could FE H. YASIS or KAREEM BANGKOLA explain to me what’s behind this? Surely, somebody instructed Ana Mendoza to do that to the poor AMA graduate… But why?

I think I know the answer. They THOUGHT that the student had been involved in an action probing anomalies in AMA. No proof, no evidence. Nanghuhula lang sila kaya kaawa-awa ang mga estudyante nila!

More on irregularities….

The most affected branch in the North Luzon under the cluster of Mr. Bangkola is the Malolos Branch, firing the School Director (SD), Mr. Caloy Cayabyab and Admissions Officer (AO), Ms. Olive Soliman, who had been with AMA for more than 8 years now. Due to pressure received from Fe H Yasis, they resigned. Yasis told them to resign on the spot after informing them that it's “Management” decision. This is because they did not reach the minimum rate of 75% on their quota of enrollees for first trimester.

At first, the two didn't want to resign since they hadn’t received any formal or written notice from the Management about their decision – only verbal instruction over the phone from Fe Yasis. This AMA official insisted that if they would not resign, they would be terminated and would not receive any benefits. Since they couldn’t resist and with the hope that Fe would help them to have their benefits for early retirement, so they resigned.

Fe Yasis told them that if they would not resign, they would soon be fired. Thus, NO BENEFITS. Not only that, they would never be allowed to teach again in ANY AMA campus. In short, Fe Yasis promised them that they would get proper benefits if they would resign willingly. So they did.

But what happened next?

After passing their letters of resignation, they were instructed not to come to the campus anymore for they would be banned from entering. They felt betrayed upon knowing that their salaries for the month are held and they will receive just half of it, based on the lowest computation in every year of service minus the so-many deductions and taxes. They cannot even teach to any AMA campus since they have been “fired!”

How sad to know that they became victims of false hope promised to them by Fe Yasis. Since before, the two have not been their favorites. The faculty, staff and students of AMA-Malolos branch sympathized with them but what could they do?

Right now, they want to voice out their hatred to Ms. Yasis who is so MAYABANG and is even namedropping Dr. Aguiluz (as if she’s really that close to the good man).

All the promises of Fe Yasis are mere lies. What happened to Cayabyab and Soliman of AMA-Malolos also happened to the former SD of Angeles, Ms. Arlene Valiente – NAPAG-INITAN nina Fe Yasis at Kareem Bangkola. This evil duo sought all possible ways to get rid of Ms. Valiente… Yun nga, NATANGGAL, kasi pinag-initan talaga nilang dalawa.

Ms. Yasis is so close to Mr. Bangkola who gives all his support to this girl who is now so abusive of the power given to her. I know Fe has a hand to all KLB's transactions, mapa-business man or personal. Ang tawag nga sa kanya “DIRTY HARRY” and the “EXECUTIONER” ni KLB. I pity her… Just to satisfy him, she’ll do everything kahit mapasama ang AMA and Sir ARA (Dr. Amable Aguiluz V).

Fe Yasis had already been accused of harassment, bribery, namedropping and abuse of authority in North Luzon branches. No one actually likes her because she’s too MAYABANG, as if she's really UNTOUCHABLE. In the Head Office, no one likes her, too. FAKE lahat ang pinakikita nila for fear of being terminated since she said, SHE COULD HIRE AND TERMINATE PEOPLE if she wants. “BAGYO” ang tawag sa kanya doon.

In San Fernando, only the Admissions Officer (AO) was asked to resign. Since the SD is just new, she's not affected. See the injustice?

I guess the AO would never talk about her case or status. I’m sure Fe Yasis also gave her the same promises – which, I’m also sure, would never be true. The good AO will never get that little amount she’s hoping to get from the institution. Or perhaps, it will be on hold for an indefinite period of time.

In La Union and Laoag branches, the same case: mababa daw ang outcome ng enrollment. In one branch the SD is almost l6 years in the service, TANGGAL DIN!

MANAGEMENT’S DECISION – If the branch did not meet the quota, the SD and AO would face the consequences; both of them WOULD be fired. But what's happening? They give favors to those who are new to the branches, when in fact, they have already been in AMA before the opening of the first trimester – which only means they are already responsible for the negative result. Basta napag-initan ka, TAPOS KA NA.

Malolos branch is the biggest when it comes to population and yet only 3 points, di pa binigay, kasi mahina sila kay Fe and KLB. Sabi nga, those who are affected serve as the sacrificial lamb to earn “pogi” and “ganda” points to Dr. Aguiluz.

But is it really the fault of the SD and AO if enrollment goes down in several branches?

The economy is very hard, the tuition fee of AMA is too high compared to others who have the quality of education much better than what AMA provides. Nakaka-demoralize ang mga bagay na ito, kaya affected ang lahat sa nangyayari. The result? Ang baba ng quality of education ng AMA.

According to sources they put the blame on Mr. Patrick Azanza. He is again the HRD kaya napakagulo ng sistema sa AMA. “Bata-bata” system, and this is abviously true. The HRD employees outnumber those in the other departments and when it comes to benefits and increases, the HRD personnel lang lagi ang mayroon because Patrick is protecting them.

Based on these facts, I therefore conclude: Mali yata ng choice of people surrounding him si Mr. Aguiluz. He relies on reports given to him by his officers. Di nya alam screened na lahat.

But wait, I heard he is personally visiting this site and is very much alarmed. Kung tutuusin ay dapat pa nga siyang magpasalamat dahil may nagmamalasakit sa kanyang mga nasimulan. He should thank the Webmaster of this site for this venue has served as a vehicle for all AMAers to relay their important messages to him. Without this, KLB and his “Dirty Harry” would remain formidable “BERDUGOs”.

Mr. Webmaster, you just don’t know how much you’ve helped many AMAers (students and especially employees). You may say that you just provided space and the messages really came from AMAers. But in reality, you had opened a wide door for them.

By the way, I’ve read a comment on the guestbook one time. Someone criticized the design of the site. Sabi nya parang elementary lang daw ang gumawa dahil wala mang animation and 3-D graphics. Well, natawa ako sa sagot mo, Mr. Webmaster.

You said that you intentionally created the simplest design because you wanted to tell AMA about the quality of education it provides… pang-elementary lang talaga! Ang yayabang ng commercial nya, pero sa totoo lang, halos lahat ng mga branches ay kulang-kulang sa facilities.

So, what’s really behind the low enrollment rate?

AMA personnel already knew their deficiency in terms of education and facilities. Yet, they are expecting higher enrollment rates in all branches. As of now, Nursing course is very in-demand and Computer Technology courses rank only 3rd, if I’m right. They should expect that it would be impossible for them to meet such quota, considering the fact na nag-open pa nga sila ng ABE in the same area. E di lalo nang mahahati ang mga estudyante! Therefore, it is not right to blame the SD or AO! The culprit is poor Marketing Strategy.

This is the information I could give you for now. On behalf of all students and employees who have been victimized, I thank you for putting up this site. Sabi nga ng mga branches, sana matulungan sila ng Web site, so their voice would be heard by Dr. Aguiluz.

Thanks also to modern technology, we could still communicate with one another even if you’re quite busy with your studies there at Regis University. Good luck and may you still find time to update the site despite your busy life overseas. Congratulations also for making it to the IT Department of Wal-Mart.

- G.D.L.

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