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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

The Truth Reality Behind Admission to AMAES


The truth reality behind Admission to AMAES: FAQs on Admission

1. Are the admission requirements for every AMAES school the same?

Yes. There is a standard list of requirements for admission. Contact your school's Admissions Office for the official list of requirements.

Reality: Yes, provided you have sufficient money for your required downpayment or you are willing to pay as low as P500 downpayment and apply for a promissory note para nakakaseguro ang AMA na di ka na makakaurong sa kumunoy.

2. Do I have to go thru an entrance exam? If yes, what is the exam all about? Is there an examination fee?

Yes, every applicant has to go thru a multidimensional aptitude battery of tests (digit symbol / picture completion / spatial ability / picture arrangement / object assembly). Entrance exams for undergraduates cost Php100, graduates - Php200.

Reality: Yes, you have to take the entrance exam not because AMA is testing your ability ang capability to enter to college but it's an additional income to AMA. Bear in mind that your exam is not being checked by Admissions. All students taking the entrance exam are automatically in.

3. What is the schedule for entrance exams?

Entrance examinations are scheduled everyday , 8am and 10am, 1am and 3pm.

Reality: you can take the entrance exam everyday and anytime as long as you can pay. And don't worry about failing the exam, dahil hindi naman nila chinecheck ang exams. I should know this dahil nag OJT ako sa admissions.

4. What factors are considered in making admission decisions?

The following are considered during admission: result of the entrance exam, form 138 / report card (for freshmen), tor / tcg (for transferees)

Reality: The following are considered during admission: Payment of entrance exam fee, Money for downpayment and promissory note.

5. What GPA do I need if I want to apply in any AMAES school?

There is no GPA requirement.

Reality: Ang kulit! Sabi ng pera nga lang eh.

6. Do I need to go thru an interview as part of the admission process?

Yes, every applicant is interviewed by the Admissions Director and Dean of the College he/she is applying to.

Reality: Yes, kailangan para masabi namang hindi basta-basta nakakapasok sa AMA. Pero don't worry exempted ka na sa interview pag may pang downpayment kana.

7. Where can I get application forms?

Application forms are available at the Admissions Office of every AMAES school.

Reality: Baka sa bahay nyo lang meron na kc lahat naman ng bahay sa pilipinas eh pinupntahan ng Admission officer kasi matatangal sya pag di nya na meet ang target.

8. Where do I go to process my registration?

The Admissions Office processes all registrations.

Reality: Punta ka sa admissions office pagkatapos pagtuturuturuan ka na kung saan pa ang susunod mong pupuntahan na department kc puro bago ang employees kaya di pa nila alam ang procedures on enrollment.

9. When is the deadline for application?

The deadline for application is on June 3 for First Semester of SY 2005-2006 - extended up to two weeks. Always check the calendar of your school's Admissions Office for updates on important dates.

Reality: Everyday is enrollment in AMA. Kahit Finals na pede ka pa rin mag enroll basta may pambayad ka.

10. Who will assist me in my registration?

Admissions personnel will assist during the registration.

Reality: Bahala ka sa sarili mo. Kung tatanga tanga ka eh matatagalan ka.

11. If I am a transferee, will my old subjects be credited?

Generally, all GE subjects are credited. Major subjects are credited per approval of the dean and the registrar.

Reality: Subjects mo ang di make-credit sa ibang schools once na magtransfer sa ibang colleges other than AMA. Strategy yan para bumalik ka uli sa AMA.

12. Where can I get the list of subjects related to my course of interest?

List of subject offerings are available at the Admissions Office and the concerened College.

Reality: Siguraduhin mo lang na tama ang curriculum na kinukuha mo kasi po yearly eh nagpapalit ng curriculum ang AMA. Marami nang estudyante ang hindi naka graduate on time dahil mali ang nakuha nilang curriculum sa mga tangang registrar ng AMA.

Yup.. Tama.. gnayan ang ginawa sakin nung mag enroll ako..

YUP,YUP,YUP! Korek ka dyan!

lol! sana nabasa ko to bago pa ko ng enrol!! nyahaha!

NOT all AMA Branch are like that

Haayy.. ganyan sa ACLC San Pablo.. wala kwenta.. ang dali mag enroll, kahit sino basta may pambayad.

Hope I read this b4 I enrolled long3x back...Yes, I agree, they don't really care on the students welfare. I was a part time student with a part time job so I only took subjects which fit my sched, they told me there won't be a prob...but after a yr the curriculum changed so I took new subjects after another..all in all I finished a 2yrs course for 3yrs plus additional payments ofcourse! Other colleges won't credit all ur subjects so u can't really transfer. Sigh.. It was one of the biggest mistakes I made. I advise, u enroll on gov colleges or other universities for that matter.Hope this input helps.


i just want an accounting degree. i'm currently employed so i cant focus much on the non-essential things such as GE. only have to make sure i can pass the CPA exam and thats it for me. so you think i can do this with ABE? i'm sure i would take the CPA review session more seriously, though

tama lahat ng yan and i should know, im an ama grad and a former ama employee. di ko nga alam kung bakit ako pumasok dun. pero when i was studying magaling mga instructor ko w/ a few exceptions, ung admin lang talaga ang kupal, kahit sang branch mapa-ama or abe or whatever pa yan.

this is trully correct. nagwork din ako as an instructor sa AMACU-QC. tumulong din ako sa OSA kung saan pinatalsik nila yung OSA director nila at pinalitan ng mas bobong empleyado para mas mababa ang sweldo.

sobrang dami ng requirements ng hihingiin pero pag nagbayad ka na, ok ka na. nangangailangan kc sila ng students or else baka matanggal sila sa position nila (admission officer, VP, at deans). nagkaroon pa ng ng time nung yung mga prof namimigay ng leaflets sa MRT station at yung isang dean nadapa pa sa kalsada sa pagbibigay ng leaflets. sobrang kacheapan na talaga.

ako nga hanggang ngayon, di pa binibigay sweldo ko at lagpas na ng 1 yr ako umalis. before almost 10,000 students, ngayon yata hirap pang umabot ng 1,000.

sa mga mag-eenroll dito, malaki ang bayad nyo kc daming misc...may internet fee (pero di kayo makakagamit ng internet, kahit kailan), may medical fee (pero biogesic lang kaya nila ibigay) at marami pang iba...mga prof nga dun umaamin na mas maganda pa ang STI kaysa AMA pero wala naman silang choice kase nasa sistema sila.

maraming teachers pero resh grad (walang alam) coz yung mga magagaling na prof binigyan nilang forced resignation/retirement kc mataas na ang sweldo.

Tama ang mga sinsabi ninyo... Most of AMA teaching staffs are inexperienced, arrogant, irresponsible, and inefficient instructors who have the defficiency of knowledge in "methods of teaching" and "measurement and evaluation". Can you dig that...computer school pero kung mag-lecture isinusulat sa blackboard ang topic at PE teacher na nagtuturo ng swimming na ayaw lumangoy sa tubig...
Mga kababayan in Binan, Laguna area, kung gusto ninyo na masira ang kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak... i-enroll ninyo sila sa AMA Binan Campus para maging instuctor nila si Mr. de la Cruz - computer instructor leaving his class while having laboratory and play table tennis and Miss Noemi Apostol - PE teacher ... these two whose methods of teaching can be rated bad and yet have the guts of giving low grades or worst failing grades with no clear criteria at all.

To all those who created this site as well as the people who took the courage to take a peek or left a comment on this site, KUDOS TO YA'LL... "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." yeah i did that when i enrolled in this Educational System with high hopes that the school could give me more than any other IT schools could offer.. But it's to late to realize that I'm stuck with a rotten system... I had no choice but to live with it... "If you can't beat them, Join them" some say, and i proved it to be effective... With as much hate that I felt on my own as others may feel the same today, been part of the Student Council, worked with Admin people, been a varsity, represented the school, battled with crooked School Directors and Deans just to live up to the expectations of my fellow victims of this rotten system, the students...
I'm proud to say that i've been thru all of those and one more thing that I cannot take away from my being is that " I WILL CARRY THE FUCKING AMA LOGO ON MY TRANSCRIPTS OF RECORDS WHEREVER I MAY GO"...
sad truth: "I WAS TAGGED" as an AMAer...
finally I realized...
It's not the School that Defines it's Alumni...
It's the Alumni who defines the school...
AMA gave me basic understanding with what a computer would be...
What a Microsoft Product is...
Now I'm proud to say, I've learned the rest on my OWN... Not with AMA, not with my Mentors...
I alone defined my future...

with much pride anybody could ever Imagine...

I should say...

I am working with the World's PREMIER Software company...
Handling Premier Account Holders and Partners...
Software developers...
and Everybody who uses our product...

I am a MICROSOFT Technical Router now...
I am a product of AMA...

and I thank her for NOTHING...

Dapat ipasara na ang ama binan campus, dahil wala itong kwenta, dapat may benchmark talaga kung sino lang ang pwede magenroll hindi dahil may pambayad lang.

Kawawa ang mga may utak na naihahalo sa mga bobo na pinagraduate ng ama binan.

Nakakahiya iligay sa resume na may ilang sem na naigugol sa ama binan dahil sa totoo lang may mga graduate ng ama binan na talagang bobo at tanga, as in walang alam pero graduate. panu yun pag nag apply? anung sasasbihin nun? "Duh! you waaannnaaa biiiinggggo?"

Wow... ganito pala ang ama dati... tsk ang saklap naman, siguro nagbago narin sila dahil sa limang taon banaman eh ang tigas naman ng mukha nila kung ganyan parin sistema nila...

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