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Saturday, September 04, 2004 

Panawagan sa mga Estudyante

Someone claiming to be an alumnus emailed this to me and asked to post it:

Panawagan sa mga estudyante,

May nabasa akong isang comment sa website na ito na mukhang nagmula sa Head Office na nagsasabing:

"nasa estudyante na yan kung ano ang kahihinatnan niyo eh. Wag niyong sisihin ng sisihin ang eskuwelahan at mga desisyon nito..."

Sa aking palagay ay tama siya, kahit saang eskwelahan tayo mag aral, basta masipag tayo at mag ambisyon na umasenso ay siguradong magtatagumpay tayo. Noong estudyante pa ako sa AMA, hirap ang mga guro na magturo ng updated lessons pagdating sa computer. Since may kaya naman ako, bumili ako ng maraming libro at magazines dahil ayokong masayang ang bakanteng panahon ko. May isa akong paboritong teacher doon na napakagaling sa computer at siya ang nag advice sa akin na bumili ng mga libro (nakakalungkot dahil hindi na siya nagtuturo ngayon.. di ko alam kung tinanggal siya o nag resign sa AMA).

Bottom line.. sundin ninyo ang payo nung nasa Head Office. Hindi spoon feeding ang pag aaral.. nasa sa inyo na raw ang kahihinatnan ninyo. Ibig sabihin kahit saang eskwelahan kayo magpunta, aasenso kayo kung gusto niyo..

Bilang alumni ng AMA, at sa mga naranasan ko sa AMA, ang payo ko.. lumipat kayo sa mas siguradong paaralan.. yung hindi basta-basta nagsasara.. dahil uulitin ko.. ang tagumpay ay nasa inyo, wala sa paaralan..

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Ang gulo!!!! Kahit sa branch namin ang mga teacher at administration mag kaaway na! Ayoko na rin sa AMA.

Let me quote AMA's Mission:
"Provide a holistic, relevant, QUALITY and globally-recognized IT-based education in all levels and disciplines. With this mission, it aims TO PRODUCE PROFESSIONALS AND LEADERS that will be responsive to the needs of science and the international community cognizant of the welfare and benefits of its men and women thereby realizing their potentials as productive members of society for the honor and glory of God Almighty."

I don't see the QUALITY education in this institution, knowing that the tuition fee is relatively high for the minimal information taught to us. True that not everything should be spoon-fed. However, with the amount we're paying, we should get our money's worth! And to say that it is their mission to provide a quality education, well i don't think they've succeeded on that. Based on keen observation, the institution has prioritized only the main branch (Quezon City), Makati, and those abroad only because they are the "money-makers". Should that be the case, what happens to other branches: they are given a very tight budget causing lack of facilities and equipment. Now what happens is that they have concentrated on the main branches that these other branches are not providing that "holistic, quality and globally-recognized education" and worse, they end up closing. Who will be motivated to study in a kind of institution were computers could be placed in a museum under the "early years of computer history".

How can an institution "produce" these professionals and leaders responsive to the needs of science and international community etc. if they don't hire certified professionals or those qualified teachers or the "masters of the art." If it all boils down to self-study, why the heck go to school if it can be learned at home?! That's why we go to an institution we hope will encourage us to LEARN and test our strength and knowledge, and put our abilities to its edge! If AMA alumni then become successful in life, the credit goes to the school and the person is secondary. Hello, that person should not be considered a "product" of AMA because what he learned was basically not from the institution but from self-study by reading on his own! Therefore, AMA is not producing anything; only the students can produce what they want to become. AMA should change its mission or fulfill it! The head office should not have said that knowing they have a mission to fulfill "to produce professionals and leaders", unless they have all forgotten that except the concept of making money!

And they can suck my nuts for that!

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This essay is about the current situation involving the school where I am currently enrolled at, AMACCP. At the start of the 3rd school trimester, we found out that 10 of the previous teachers at the school were let go. This was a bit confusing, because some of the teachers that were let go were fully competent and capable instructors who were well-liked and respected by the students. The reason behind this is unclear, because the administration would not give us an explanation on the reason why this happened. As the days passed, we found out that the teachers from my school were not the only ones let go. Apparently, the incident happened nationwide, meaning at every AMA campus all over the country. Meanwhile we, the students, were waiting for the new teachers to arrive, and when we asked them when, the answers were as follows: “tomorrow”, “soon”, “any day now”, and “next week”. In short, they had no idea. Finally, 2 weeks into the trimester, some new teachers arrived. But the teachers hired were less than the teachers let go, so until now there are still classes that have no teachers. This incident shows one of the many flaws of the AMA educational system. I admit, no school system is perfect. But no teachers?! This is a school! Isn’t that one of the first things you should have? For a school that boasts to the high heavens that it is the leading provider of quality IT education in the country, we, the students, as its clients, are not getting it. How do they expect us to learn anything when there is nobody to learn from? The only thing that I’ve learned so far this trimester is how to sign my name on an attendance sheet and wait for a teacher to arrive. Although perfecting my signature and increasing my patience level is a good asset nowadays, it is not what I expected to learn from this school. Not even close. This school seems to care more about its image than its students. They didn’t even stop to consider how letting the former teachers go in the middle of the school year would affect the students. By doing this, they have upset the rhythm of the whole student body’s school life. I mean, after 2 whole weeks (and counting!) of teacher no-shows, the students, who started out looking forward to a new trimester, have been left bored, uninterested, unmotivated, and most of all, uninspired to go to class. Even the thought of more free time to roam the malls, hang out at starbucks, or watch movies have lost its appeal. Personally, getting up for school has become more of a difficult task than ever before. I mean, why bother getting up for school at all? There’s no one to teach us anyway. People say that students today have become lazier and have lost interest in learning. (Hey, we’re kids. We get bored easily. So sue us.) But the simple truth is that students need to be motivated to go to class everyday. And the number one motivation for getting up and going to class every single day is good teachers. For me, even if the subject is completely and utterly boring, if the teacher is first-rate, that alone would motivate me to attend his/her class. The best kind of teacher for me is one who takes the most mundane subject and makes it as interesting as a great F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Okay, you guys might not appreciate that analogy, so let’s make it a Peter Jackson movie. There, much better. Anyway, we had good teachers. Unfortunately, most of them got sacked. In lieu of this, the old teachers who were lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on your POV) to keep their jobs are stuck with the burden of trying to teach every class they can, more than their required hours, without getting compensated for it. Why stay then, you ask? Well, how should I know? I guess the only reason I can think of is the noble one, and that is that these teachers believe in their work and realize its significance, but mostly because they care about the welfare of their students. So they continue to do their jobs, even if the school does not give them credit for doing so. So, it’s okay if you guys get a little moody and cranky on us. We still think you’re great. As for the new teachers the school hired? Well, I have met two of them. One thinks we’re the most incompetent group of students he’s ever had to teach, and the other? Well, the other one’s just plain incompetent. I can’t wait to meet the others. Not. With all due respect, to the people in charge of making these kinds of decisions for the whole AMA educational system, this essay is for you. We, the students, as paying clients whose parents work very hard every single day to send us to your school, have placed both our faith and trust in you. We expect to go to class everyday without wondering if a teacher is going to show up or not. We expect to be provided with teachers who are competent and professional, while at the same time compassionate to the needs of their students. We expect to be provided with the right tools and equipment in school. We expect to go home at the end of the day having learned something new. Most of all, we expect to graduate from your school armed with knowledge that will help us compete in the real world. In a nutshell? We expect to get what we pay for. No, in fact, we don’t expect it at all. We demand it. Because you know what? These expectations are not something impracticable or extraordinary. These are things you promised us when we enrolled in your school. To our instructors both former and present, thank you. Thank you for the time and effort you have given us in the past year. Thank you for making us want to go to class everyday. Thank you for compelling us to learn new things, and believing we can learn them. Thank you for making us laugh away from the classroom, while making us listen inside them. Most of all, thank you for inspiring us to learn. This essay was inspired by you. In a perfect world, if the people in charge of making these decisions really care about the needs of its students, they will do something about this matter. Ideally, they would review the situation, realize their mistakes, formulate a solution, and take action. And the best action to take would be to recall all the teachers that did not deserve to be terminated and give them their jobs back, not because we said so, but because it is the right thing for them to do, for the benefit of their students. Unfortunately, we live in the real world. But we do however, live in a world where sheep cloning, artificial hearts, and Arnold Schwarze-something, a body-builder from Austria and the guy who plays the Terminator, a cyborg assassin from the future who comes back to the past to do whatever (the point of these movies still escape me), who ran for governor of California and won, is now possible. And I thought only Filipinos were stupid enough to elect actors into office. Nice to know we’re not alone. Anyway, my point is that personally, I believe in the possibility of the impossible. That’s why I’m still studying here (and besides, transferring to a new school is such a hassle). I believe that the system can and will change. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday (hopefully soon, because I still have a year left in this school). So once again AMA, I put my faith in you. Hopefully, you won’t let me down. If anybody from the AMAES have a cow over this, well, that’s really not my problem. Because there’s nothing written here that is not true. Besides, it’s your fault this essay got written, you know why? Because I wrote this essay while perfecting the skill that this school has taught me so well these past few weeks: Waiting for a teacher to show the hell up. Now, how’s that for irony?

source: http://www.schoolnet.ph/school/forum/message?forum_id=7315&message_id=8136

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